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Welcome to my site (www.dj-nike.co.uk),

I created this site to promote projects and WebSites that I have created and to help others on the internet. I have over 10 years experience from creating WebSite's and programs in C++, VB, ASP, PERL and PHP and designing WebSites, I hope this site is of use and look forward to hearing from you.

"WebSites do not have to be static all the time, you could make them rich with content and media by including a Flickr Gallery or Content Management system to update the text and or images."

  • Designing

    There is a first stage to everything and that is Design, you need to know what you are going to make and what it is going to look like and this is the first step.

    A design is about you or your company, I like to think if you are having a website Designed that it is unique in every way and it is how you would like it to be, no templates but yours.

  • Developing

    Once you have a design the next stage is to develop it into something to see or use.

    Taking a flat image and lifting it into a fully working website or taking a Photo and enhancing the quality of the image are examples of the next step before anyone can see your work.

    Not everything has to be online for example, a good way to publish your Portfolio would be via DVD including example pictures or maybe you have a collection of pictures and would like a collage to hang on your wall.

  • Publishing

    Letting everyone know what you have just designed is the final step of having something created.

    A website can be hosted, images are printed, adverts and leaflets are posted so all you have to do is sit back and relax.