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Karl Wright

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Technical Overlord?

I was first called a technical overlord back in 2000, I was always involved with the technical aspect of projects at my workplace even if I was not needed to be involved.

I never give up on finding out something and always eager to learn things, knowing how something works and how to make it work better or be used for something else.

Who am I?

My name is Karl,

I am a Designer, Developer, Programmer, Analyst, IT Hardware/Software/Network and Support Technician.... there is not much that I have not done or dont do.

What I do?

I have been designing, developing programs, making scripts and building websites since 1996. I first started working on community websites in my spare time whilst studying at College, along with irc scripts and game interfaces.

It was in 1999 when I joined a company as a Support programmer, answering telephones, writing small Visual Basic programs for clients, maintaining computer hardware, networking and eventually designing and developing websites.

Since 2006 I have been working as a E-Communications developer, including working on the Company WebSite and maintaining the Company network and server infrastructure.

Over the years as a programmer I have used about 10 different programming languages from C++, Visual Basic (VB3/4/6) to what I use today being Perl, PHP and JavaScript.

Can I help you?

I pretty much do anything that is technical:

  • If you have a problem and need someone to fix it then give it to me and I will find a solution for you.
  • Would you like a design for your cricket club or company and dont know what to do or who to see? no problem, you're on the right website.
  • Have you got a Web Design that you would like to develop into a fully functioning WebSite? no problem, your on the right website.
  • Need something printed? dont have a design? no problem, your on the right website.

You get the idea... What ever it is, be it big or small I will be happy to listen to what you would like help with. Fill out the contact page with the required details and I will get back to you.